The Crap Joke Generation App
Claptrap loves data. That's how this whole site works. However, Claptrap only needs data about jokes, not data about you.
At Claptrap we care about your privacy, which is why don't store (or use) any personally identifiable information. Even the IP addresses of our users are annonymised in our logs. It doesn't matter to us if you're a celebrity, wanted by the police, or an alien. All that matters is that you like bad jokes.
Claptrap also runs without the use of cookies. It doesn't need to. That means no irritating GDPR / cookie policy banner. Enjoy!
Unfortunately, at some point this privacy policy is going to need to change. Hosting is expensive, so we'll probably add advertising to this site. When that happens, we'll need to relax the privacy policy to store basic cookies (so the advertisers don't show you the same ad a million times). As such, we retain the right to change our privacy policy by updating this page. Before we store any cookies or take any personally identifiable information, we'll ask you.
Policy last updated on the 4th of March 2019.